As we step into 2024 how can we make sure we take better care of ourselves (and others) without burning out from all the 'New year New You' demands? Come join our S.L.O.W. movement

S is for Sleep

Not just about quantity it’s about quality. Sleep is the cornerstone of mental and physical health. Unless you’re investing in it life gets harder. Make it your top priority for 2024. Because everything looks better after a good nights sleep

Three things to help you sleep...

DREAM PILLOW MIST & BATH OIL -  The perfect bedtime soothers for the end of the day. Spritz the mist on towels or bathrobes, popping them on the radiator in the bathroom before taking a bath with this luxurious bath oil. It'll scent the room while you soak and wrap you up in all that loveliness when you get out of the tub

BREATHING EXERCISES FOR SLEEPBreathing exercises are a simple and easy way to manage stress and wind down before bedtime. But they require both patience and practice. Try these tips for incorporating breathing exercises into your bedtime routine

HOT WATER BOTTLE - £30 - Make sure to keep those toes toasty with this knitted cashmere hot water bottle cover handcrafted from the finest British yarn with a strong focus on quality & craftsmanship and extremely soft, the perfect treat when everything is grey and cold outside

L is for Learn

When we learn we grow. Pick something you want to dive in to and understand more about in the year ahead and make it happen. Get lost in something new

Learn better with these three ideas...



Learn the sustainable and ethical art of the apothecarist with this beautiful photographic guide to working with herbs and spices to make healing remedies and delicious recipes


THE POMODORO TECHNIQUEThis is one of the best ways to beat procrastination and maintain productivity and focus. The pomodoro technique  alternates study and break times of 25 and 5 minutes, respectively. Each of these 25 minute bursts of productivity is called a "pomodoro", named after the iconic tomato timer used by Francesco Cirillo in the 1990's

REST TO RESET BOOK - Struggle to find a work-life balance? We know we need to find more time to just relax, but many of us struggle to find the time and space to really recharge. This book by self-care expert Suzy Reading can teach you how to rest in as little as one-minute a day in this practical and invaluable rest toolkit

O is for Organise

Stress takes root when things feels out of control. So take a moment to identify something in your life that feels chaotic and rethink it. Whether it’s the school run or your inbox, your wardrobe of your food shop. Streamline, innovate and organise to get this little of your day working for you like it should

Get organised with these things:

NOTEPAD & PENThese beautiful notebooks don't just look lovely on the bedside table but also offer the perfect place to capture those night-time musings that keep you up at bedtime. Paired with this gold rollerball pen, beautifully weighted and with a rich smooth flow of ink and tucked into its own removable pen loop

LIST YOURSELF HAPPY - This fabulous book helps you define what makes you truly happy and inspires you to take action through small sustainable changes

W is for Walk

It’s free, it’s easy and it’s and it’s good for our physical and mental health. Walking is good for the soul, especially if you get to do it in nature. It’s a chance to think and it moves our body and helps make us physically tired. Whether you do it alone with friends of with the dog. Make it your mission to walk more in ‘24

Three things perfect to support walking

DREAM NIGHT CREAM FOR FEET - Hiking-boots ready at the ready? This deeply nourishing shea butter based foot cream is the perfect post-walk treat to soothe and heal well-worn soles

WOOLLY EYE SOCKSThese socks are super soft, warm and cosy. They make a perfect bed socks as well perfect post rambles

TREE SPOTTING BOOKA beautifully illustrated guide to the marvellous and varied world of trees, and a fascinating introduction to the hidden secrets of 52 British species. Botanist and ecologist Ros Bennett has spent a lifetime helping people understand and identify plants