Hip & Healthy - featuring Kiss the Moon Oct 2015

Hip & Healthy - featuring Kiss the Moon Oct 2015

Hip & Healthy - Sleep tips featuring Kiss the Moon'When was the last time you had eight hours of uninterrupted sleep? Okay, make that six? Five?

A recent survey* revealed thats, as a nation, over half of us suffer from insomnia. The worry is that bad sleeping habits don't just make nights unbearable, they have a profound knock on effect during the day. And as if looking terrible. not being able to concentrate and feeling snarky as hell wasn't bad enough, insomnia can lead to much more serious issues such as diabetes, obesity and depression...'

'...Jo Foster, from Kiss the Moon, creates sensuous smelling, natural products that will coax you in to the right frame of mind for sleep. "Research has shown that breathing in certain scents can help bring the two hemispheres of our brain in to harmony," she says, "which in turn promotes feeling of calm and wellbeing. Some scents, known as the 'calming antidepressants - such as jasmine, rose and neroli essential oils - can influence both sides, changing the brain's rhythm and helping to induce a state close to mediation. The more balanced our brains are, the safer we feel and the easier it is to switch off."

Try Kiss the Moon the Moon's CALM Night-time Face Oil or Neom's Pillow Mist'   


CALM After Dark Face Oil by Kiss the Moon

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Written for Hip & Healthy by Emma Bardwell - a freelance writer with a particular interest in health and nutrition. Follow her on instagram @eightypercentclean on Twitter @80percentclean and online at www.emmabardwell.com  

*The Great British Sleep Survey