What do you mean you haven’t used a face oil before?  Here’s why we think you should give it a whirl

Ask pretty much any Beauty Editor about their skincare must-have and the answer is usually a night-time face oil. Summer months are tough on exposed skin, as hopping between warm outside air with these holiday temperatures and air conditioned indoors zaps away moisture and can leave skin dry and flaky. Applying just a few drops of good night-time face oil helps to restore the skin's protective layer and ups the nutrients that cells need to repair themselves. The result is skin that feels immediately more nourished and that is better equipped to keep its healthy glow, whatever the weather

 love after dark face oil

Happy with your moisturiser?

If the idea of replacing your regular daytime moisturiser with  a face oil feels to drastic, try adding a drop of oil to it to give you a dash of relaxing aromatherapy power and a boost of skin nutrients



Not all oil is "good" oil for the face

As skin repair is most active at night, that's the time to give your skin the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Choose a non-pore clogging, oil based treatment to deeply moisturise overnight. Our Night-Time Face Oils all contain Rosehip Seed Oil (rich in vitamin A) and Wheatgerm Oil (rich in vitamin E) - both vital nutrients for skin health.) Avoid things with a Sunflower, unfractionated coconut oil or pure shea butter on the face


The power of essential oils

Essential oils can work wonders to help dry and dehydrated skin - Neroli, Petitgrain, Orange and Geranium for example (found in our GLOW signature blend) are all known to be particularly effective. Our GLOW products also contain Myrrh - used for generations as a healing oil and great at treating dry and chapped skin.   If your skin is so dry it's itchy - look for something with Jasmine or Roman Chamomile (found in our CALM Face Oil) 


If you haven’t tried a face oil yet, now’s your chance. Check out our samples section where all 3 Face Oils are available