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In the mood for a little romance? With a little help from these aromatherapy oils you just might be.  Happy Valentine’s Day everybody...


Essential oils that have aphrodisiac properties are great for instigating romance! Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or a loved one’s birthday, there are several essential oils to help set the mood for love.

Ever since the times of the ancient Egyptians, aromatic oils have been used to promote health, beauty, fertility, virility and of course, romance. Here are three of the most popular aphrodisiac essential oils – all of which we just happen to have woven in to some of our Kiss the Moon blends...

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Did you know?

There are two ways that aromatherapy oils can have an effect on the body – the first is via inhalation through the nose. The nose has direct contact with the brain so the impact on how we feel can be powerful and immediate. The scent of an essential oil stimulates our limbic system in the brain. This the part of the brain where moods and emotions are governed. Hence inhaling different scents can make us feel calmer, contented, focussed or, in this case, amorous.

The other way that these potions work their magic is by through the skin. Essential oils applied directly to the surface of the skin work their way in to deeper layers and move in to our bloodstream. The effects can be a bit slower but also longer lasting. Massage anyone?


Three essential oils to put you in the mood for love...


Rose Absolute oil

The ultimate symbol of romance is unquestionably the rose. This beautiful flower doesn’t just look the part, it smells enticing too. Rose essential oil is a complete fragrance in itself, with rich, deep base notes, floral middle tones and a sweet, slightly leafy top note. Long used as an aphrodisiac (the Romans used to sprinkle rose petals on the bridal bed). Rose seems sure to be eternally associated with beauty, love and sensuousness.

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Available in: face oil, bath oil, soy candle & night time hand cream

Did you know? True rose essential oil is one of the most precious liquids on earth. It’s costly because it takes several thousand rose petals to distil just one ounce of intoxicating pure rose oil. Because of this beware of pretenders (many cheaper brands claim to contain rose oil but when you check the label you’ll find only cheaper imposters).


Sandalwood essential oil

Sandalwood is an ancient oil – revered in ayurvedic medicine for its meditative and relaxing properties. However, sandalwood also has powerful aphrodisiac properties – one of the reasons this sultry base note oil is used in in very high-class perfumes. It has a balsamic, woody aroma so it adds a depth to any blend and tends to appeal to both men and women. Maybe the sexiest essential oil of all?

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Available in: After Dark Face Oil and our After Dark Sleep Balm


Ylang ylang essential oil

Ylang ylang means flower of flowers in the pacific islands where it grows. Created from the highly scented flowers of a tall, tropical tree it’s orchid like aroma is one of the most intoxicating of all the essential oils. Long used by the people of the islands as an aphrodisiac, it is part of the folklore of marriage ceremonies of the region to encourage romance and overcome any sexual difficulties. Ylang ylang has a sweet, floral-balsamic aroma which is quite sweet and rich and adds an exotic twist to the products it is used in.

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