We have declared January self-care month because if you don't look after yourself you are in no position to help and support those around you. Here are four little ways our Kiss the Moon products can make caring for yourself a little easier

1. Silky soft, and happy, skin 

Winter days call for cozy layers and warm accessories. So, its always a challenge to keep skin hydrated and soft (and not scaly, itchy and dry). Trouble is, most moisturisers can be a bit sticky and gloopy and who wants to stand around in the cold waiting for them to sink in!

Self-care tip No.1:

Meet the body cream that will not only help you get a better night's sleep but also make sure you wake up with happy skin. Our GLOW Night-time Body Cream will wrap your skin in total luxury, leaving your skin silky smooth and beautiful nourished, without any stickiness. Job done 

glow body cream

2. Every day stress-buster

Stressful situations pepper our days. Whether it’s frustration at being stuck in a traffic jam, or the panicky feeling you get when running late for something important or a trepidation of having to have a tricky conversation. We’ve all got things that push our buttons

Self-care tip No.2:

Keep your favourite Kiss the Moon pulse point balms in your handbag for moments when you need to reduce tension and keep you calm. They contain relaxing aromatherapy oils that can quieten the mind and help you rebalance your thoughts. Just dab on to your wrists or temples, take three deep, slow breaths and feel your stress levels drop



3. Counter the effect of changing temperatures

Sitting all day in centrally heated space dries out our skin. Not only does it zap moisture levels, it can also start to break down the lipid layers that keep skin healthy and plump. To counter the effects, stay hydrated by day and nourish skin by night

Self-care tip No. 3

Our skin restoring GLOW Night-time Face Oils are the perfect choice for winter. High in vitamin A and E – the two building blocks of healthy cell renewal, it also has precious neroli (which smells like the most beautiful orange blossom tree) and geranium oils to counter dryness and relax you to sleep. Apply a few drops to clean skin nightly before bed to deeply nourish and to boost your skin’s natural skin repair process overnight


4. Time to Chill for everyone

A beautifully scented candle is a delight. It makes the whole room smell amazing,  turns a beautiful bath into a something magical and has the power to relax the mind at the end of a busy day. But choosing a naturally scented, soot free one makes a real difference to the wellbeing of the whole the household

Self-care tip No.4:

Our sleep-inducing soy wax candles slow release their natural aromatherapy scent lulling everyone in the room into a more relaxed state. Our 100% natural Rose & Frankincense scented LOVE soy wax candle in particular releases a comforting aroma that rejuvenates the spirit after dark

love candle