Dial up those vitamins and keep yourself well and your skin glowing with health. Natural juices are worth their weight in gold to give you the boost of energy you need this month

Here are three Kiss the Moon team favourites that we'll be sipping on:

1. The Detoxifying One

This beetroot based power juice recipe, recommended by Wellbeing Expert, Calgary Avansino, is high in veg rather than fruit making it vitamin packed without being sugar loaded. It's a perfect addition to your detox plan. Try it daily for a week or two and see your energy levels soar. You'll also start to notice your skin glow and your sleep patterns start to find their balance as your body's essential nutrients get replenished and toxins are removed. As she warns – just don’t get it on your clothes…  

The Detoxifier by Calgary Avansino

Ingredients to blend:
 1/2 lemon, peeled 
1 medium apple, cored and cut into wedges, 
2 medium carrots
, 2 large raw beetroots, peeled and cut into wedges, 
1 inch of fresh ginger
, 2 sticks of celery


 2. The Energising One

Blitz together two oranges, 1 pink grapefruit, (peeled but with pith left on) plus a peeled lemon and lime. Add an apple if you want to sweeten it and a nub of ginger for a little pizzazz (no need to peel). On its own it makes a great mid-morning pick-me-up. Or, stir in two generous spoonfuls of yoghurt to turn this vitality booster in to a fast and healthy breakfast that will give you the boost you need to get moving on these chillier mornings.


3. The Sleepy One

We borrowed this recipe from our friends at Raw to Door. Eating foods that contain magnesium are great to help get a good night's sleep, helping muscles relax and encouraging the body to sleep well. Almonds supply enough protein to help stabilise your blood sugar level while sleeping and they also help your body switch from your alert adrenaline cycle to your rest-and-digest cycle. Adding a good source of fats such a chia seeds and flax seeds is also important for getting a good night's rest. Cherries contain a good amount of melatonin, the chemical that helps control the internal body clock. All in all a great way to help you get your zzzz and leave you energised for the next day.

150 ml Almond Milk
100 ml Coconut Water (unsweetened)
Handful of cherries (pips removed) 
1 tsp chia seeds 
1 tsp flax seeds
3 ice cubes
Place all the ingredients in a high speed blender such as a vitamin-a-wiz or Nutribullet for 30 seconds