Overnight Oats, bircher muesli, day ahead porridge. Whatever you call it, this simple to do breakfast is a great way to ensure you start your day with a nutritious boost of vitamins and minerals. Spend five minutes making one of these tonight and you can sleep beautifully knowing there's a healthy, delicious breakfast waiting for you when you wake up. Here's how...  


What you'll need:

  • A clean jar with a secure lid (one per serving)
  • A cupful of jumbo oats (uncooked)
  • Your choice of seeds, nuts, dried fruit
  • A little something to sweeten (honey, brown sugar, vanilla) – optional
  • A couple of spoons of yoghurt
  • A glassful of milk (cows, almond, soy – you choose)
  • Fresh fruit of your choosing chopped in to bite-sized pieces

  Overnight Muesli made by Kiss the Moon1. Grab yourself a clean, generous sized jar or two - (one per serving). Make sure it's got a well-fitting lid or things could get messy.    


Overnight Muesli made by Kiss the Moon

2. Create a base layer of jumbo cut oats and a tablespoon of chia seeds, both great sources of magnesium and slow release carbohydrates. Next load up layer by layer with your favourite breakfasty dry ingredients - grains, seeds, nuts like cashews and almonds and dried fruit, especially cherries which are packed with melatonin. What you add is up to you, but keep everything bite-sized. Add a drizzle of honey or some sour cherry juice if you want a little sweetness. (Alternatively, add a tiny splash of vanilla essence - it will trick your palette in to thinking things are sweet without adding any calories.)    


Overnight Muesli made by Kiss the Moon

3. Add a couple of spoons of greek yoghurt or Skyr for protein and then pour in some milk (to the top of the dry layers). It's up to you what milk you use. Cow's milk is fine but also give almond milk and soy milk a try ( they are delicious in this). Screw on the lid securely, turn jar upside down and shake baby shake.    


Overnight Muesli made by Kiss the Moon

4. Add your fresh fruit layer (we've used fresh apricot and mango in one of ours, blended with honey, pistachios and dried figs and in the other, fresh raspberries and strawberries mixed with chopped almonds, a tiny bit of white chocolate and vanilla essence).    


5. Stir gently with a long-handled spoon to mingle the fresh fruit throughout the jar (without bashing them too much so they keep their shape).    


Overnight Muesli made by Kiss the Moon6. Close the lids tightly then pop in to the fridge and leave overnight. Now go and run yourself a gorgeous Kiss the Moon bath and sleep the night away peacefully while the flavours mingle. In the morning, take the jar out and leave on the kitchen top for ten mins before eating as it's best enjoyed at room temperature. If you are in a rush, grab the jar and a spoon and eat on the go.  Delicious.      


Here are a few more Overnight Muesli combinations we love:

*Banana, Cocoa Powder, Chocolate Chips and Hazelnut Milk

*Cherry, Vanilla & Almond Milk

*Blackberry & Apple with Cinnamon & Brown Sugar

*Peach & Pistachio with Almond Milk & Honey

*Fig & Walnut with Greek Yoghurt & Honey

*Peanut Butter, Blackcurrant & Apple   Enjoy.