When it comes to essential oils that can help you sleep, there's more to life than lavender. But don't dismiss it quite yet. With the right essential oils surrounding it, lavender can come to life in a whole new way

Introducing Lavender alongside its perfect bedfellow - fresh and bright Bergamot. This gently relaxing match made in heaven are the heroes of our DREAM signature blend. Here's their story and why they work together so well...  

DREAM After Dark Bath Oil by Kiss the Moon  


The sleep-inducing essential oil well-known for its ability to relax muscles and bring a sense of peace

Don't dismiss lavender quite yet. Even if it's not on your 'smells I love list', its sleep-inducing credentials are second to none. Famed for its ability to help us relax, studies have proven that lavender oil can help improve sleep quality and help us relax deeply. It's benefits have been so well documented that some private hospitals are even starting to use it in their wards to help patients get the restorative sleep their body needs (not easy in most hospital settings to say the least). The lavender we use in our DREAM signature blend is naturally farmed by a growers in France who pride themselves on producing highly therapeutic quality crops. That’s vital to us because high quality lavender oil has been clinically proven to help aid sleep. One of the most versatile oils of all, lavender really is a perfect night-time treat as it soothes both mind and body. As well as being an effective sedative, lavender oil can be very skin-friendly – helping balance skin’s sebum production and encourage healthy new cells to form. It is also used to help healing and prevent scarring. The good news is that while lavender on it's own can be overpowering, mix it with the right partner and everything changes. (Try our DREAM blend and you'll see what we mean).

dream aromatherapy soy candle



Bringing a soft, subtle citrus note that lifts that mood and brightens the spirit. A gentle mix of sweet, lemony notes with a warm balsamic undertone. Bergamot is known as the king of essential oils and has been used in perfumes and skincare products for generations. A citrus fruit, it's the zing that makes Earl Grey tea that little bit special as it cuts through the black tea and lifts the whole taste. We use it in a similar way. We’ve added it to our DREAM blend to add a twist of freshness and for its ability to lift the spirit and help bring a touch of positivity to the mind.

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Blended together Lavender & Bergamot are a magical combination for after dark. Give them a try in our new Aromatherapy Soy Candle and the other members of the DREAM range...

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DREAM After Dark Balm by Kiss the Moon

DREAM blend still not sound quite right for you?

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When you think about which essential oil can help you sleep, the first one that usually comes to mind is lavender. It's proven to improve sleep quality and is gorgeously gentle. Trouble is, it's a very polarising smell. In fact, we'll confess - on its own we don't really like it. It can be a bit stuffy - reminiscent of old ladies handkerchiefs and dusty lavender bags hanging too long in dark wardrobes to keep the moths (and everyone else) at bay. Kiss the Moon's story started in a bid to find a sleep-inducing essential oil alternative to the sometimes overused lavender option. The journey was a fruitful one. The truth is, nature has given us a whole host of soothing essential oils that are perfect for bedtime, each one helping us get more out of our beauty sleep in a slightly different way.  That's why we have four signature blends - so you can find the essential oil match that offer the beauty sleep benefits that work hardest for you.

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