The combination of Orange, Geranium, Myrrh & Litsea essential oils in our GLOW blend work wonders to revitalise dry skin overnight and chase away worries so you can fall asleep feeling positive and relaxed.

Here are four reasons we call this our happy blend...    

1. Orange & Geranium for Optimism  At the heart of our GLOW blend are treasures from the orange tree - neroli (orange blossom flowers) and petitgrain (distilled from young tree leaves). Both are well-known for their ability to chase away anxiety and instil a sense of positivity.  Add to this the natural anti-depressant effects that come from the gentle floral Geranium Oil and you get a perfect remedy for nights when you have worries on your mind that stop you sleeping. Try lighting a GLOW Aromatherapy Soy Candle to create an uplifting mood when you are feeling tense or in need of a bit of cheer.

glow orange candle

2. Sleep Better

Geranium has rose-like qualities in terms of its power to relax. As well as cheering us up, the orange oils we have chosen have a natural sedative effect, helping slumber come easier. Litsea Oil works it's magic at night-time too. A sweet smelling, light citrus shrub, it is used in Chinese medicine to calm the mind and spirit. Just what you need at the end of a busy day to help you slip in to sleep mode.


GLOW Sleep Recovery Set by Kiss the Moon  

3. Skin Reviving 

The precious neroli oil we use in our GLOW After Dark Face Oil prized in the beauty world for its ability to stimulate the growth of new cells, giving skin a healthy glow. It's a perfect nutrient boost to give skin before bed as while we are sleeping is when our skin is in repair mode. Geranium Oil supports the circulatory and nervous systems and helps to revitalize body tissues. Our GLOW After Dark Skin Revival set contains everything you need to bring tired skin back to life - exfoliate weekly with the brown sugar GLOW After Dark Face Polish and follow with our GLOW After Dark Face Oil (use the oil nightly for best results). Your skin will be instantly smoother and softer and you'll notice a heavy glow when you wake in the morning.

GLOW After Dark Skin Revival by Kiss the Moon

4. Nourishment for Dry & Dehydrated Skin

Myrrh oil has long been considered as precious as gold for hundreds of years thanks to its ability to heal and repair. It's perfect for skin that needs a little TLC or a helping hand to repair. Able to balance skins natural sebum production, geranium oil is another reason the GLOW blend is perfect for skin prone to dryness. It is fungicidal and has a reputation for helping to promote speedy healing so is also great for things like cracked heels or chapped skin. (Try massaging our GLOW After Dark Bath Oil in to dry spots on elbows or heels while you soak in the tub or in the shower. It's fab at transforming skin that's been hidden away all winter, leaving it silky soft and ready to bare as the warmer months appear.)

GLOW After Dark Bath Oil by Kiss the Moon      

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