Lost track of what day it is? You are not alone. Is it just us or does it feel like time has taken on a whole new dimension right now? It’s for every day to feel a little samey when the normal structures are removed from our everyday lives. Instead of lamenting it maybe we should take it as a chance to redefine our relationship time and be more conscious of it. This little exercise might just help:

Pick three things to do this week which consciously make you look back, be in the now and plan forward. Here’s some suggestions to get you started…

Looking Back Activities

  • Sort out your old photos, print the best and make a physical album
  • Ring a old friend you haven’t spoken to for ages and reminisce
  • Got an old hobby or skill you used to love but haven’t done for a while - maybe now’s the chance to pick it back up
  • Listen to music from the decade you were a teenage and sing out loud


Be In the Now Activities

  • Close your eyes and sit still. Make a mental not of everything you can hear and everything you can feel.
  • Listen to a mindfulness podcast (headspace.com is still our favourite)
  • Write a list of everything that makes you feel good right here right now
  • Do something that takes all your concentration – like following a complicated recipe or cracking a suduko


Plan Forward Activities

  • Study a map of the world and pick the next three places you want to visit then plan your travels
  • Do a home makeover. Pick a space and start a pinterest board of inspiration to help you shape your design
  • Write a wish list of thing you want to have achieves by the end of the year. Include little victories as well as bigger challenges
  • Get a jar and some notepaper and ask everyone in the house to jot down something they want to do when lockdown is over. Pledge to pick one a week to do together