Our sense of smell has the power to transform the way we feel. So it's great news that nature has given us a whole suite of aromas that can help us to relax by calming our spirit and helping create a positive frame of mind. Tapping in to nature's most soothing essential oils is a perfect way to get yourself in to the right frame of mind for sleep. Allow us to shine the light on five aromas from the list of our favourites and share why we love them...  

1. Rose: Romantic, nurturing and warm From the petals of the ‘Queen of Flowers’, Rose Absolute is possibly the most romantic of all the oils and one of the most special. Considered a precious beauty aid and much loved perfume for generations, it forms the heart of our LOVE range. The warm scent of rose is linked to the female world and has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac. The aroma is also considered to be a gentle but potent anti-depressant. In terms of skincare, rose oil has a tonic and mildly astringent effect on the circulation and, while lovely for all skin types, this makes it particularly useful for helping older skin maintain a youthful bloom.

rose - scents that soothe by Kiss the Moon  

2. Jasmine: Rich, relaxing and precious This beautifully scented flower comes to life at night time. The precious oil absolute is distilled from flowers picked after dark when their warm, relaxing aromas are at their most potent. It takes a huge a number of petals to produce the Absolute we use in our CALM signature blend. However, it’s worth it for its ability to quieten the nerves and encourage a feeling of confidence and optimism. Jasmine oil is also a valuable skin treatment – used to aid elasticity and assist with anti-scarring and to rebalance unhappy skin.

jasmine - scents that soothe by Kiss the Moon  

3. Ylang Ylang: Heady, exotic and rebalancing An exotic flower from the South Sea islands has an amazing ability to relax and rebalance. Breathing in this intoxicating oil can feel like being transported to a tropical island. It has a special power to calm – so is perfect for those needing to de-stress after a tough day and relax into a peaceful sleep. It's also used to bring balance to the skin and can help too dry or too oily skin normalise its own oil production. Because just a little bit of ylang ylang can go a long way, we’ve added just a touch to underpin both our LOVE & CALM blends – just enough to ease you towards a beautiful night’s sleep.

ylang ylang - scents that soothe by Kiss the Moon  

4. Lavender: Gentle, soothing and balancing This sleep-inducing essential oil well-known for its ability to relax muscles and bring calm to over-active minds. The lavender we use in our DREAM blend is naturally farmed by a growers in France who pride themselves on producing highly therapeutic quality crops. That’s vital to us because high quality lavender oil has been clinically proven to help aid sleep. One of the most versatile oils of all, lavender really is a perfect night-time treat as it soothes both mind and body. As well as being an effective sedative, lavender oil can be very skin-friendly – helping balance skin’s sebum production and encourage healthy new cells to form. It also is used to help healing and prevent scarring.

lavender - scents that soothe by Kiss the Moon

5. Litsea: Sweet, uplifting and calming Not as well known as the others on our list - allow us to introduce you to litsea - a sweet smelling, light citrus shrub used in Chinese medicine to calm the mind and spirit. It smells like a sweeter version of lemongrass and blends beautifully with the warm orange notes in our GLOW signature blend. Litsea oil, also know in its native China as May Chang is widely used in skin care because it is a non-irritant even on unhappy skin that needs rebalancing. It's antiseptic too, so often used to treat over-oily skin, acne and spots in general. We think this light, happy scent helps to bring a breath of fresh air to bedtime.

Listea - scents that soothe by Kiss the Moon