There’s one New Year’s Resolution that beats all the rest when it comes to helping you to be the strongest version of you for 2019. And the good news is that you can do it with your eyes closed: Sort Your Sleep
Sleep is now widely acknowledged to be the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. If our sleep is out of kilter then every organ in our body suffers – from our heart, to our brain, to our skin. Good sleep helps improve our focus, put us in a more positive mood and avoids us craving calorific food. It also gives us the energy we need to power through the day and to fight infection. Deprived of sleep altogether we simply cannot survive. Deprived of sufficient good quality sleep we rapidly become weaker versions of ourselves
With so much to do in 2019, that simply won’t wash.

So here are our three simple steps to sleeping well and waking up stronger for the next 365 days and beyond…


#1 Cocoon Yourself

Is your bedroom your favourite room in your house? We think it should be. After all, you spend more time in there than anywhere else. Create a perfect sleep cave that’s dark enough, quite enough and comfortable enough for you to truly unwind and get the undisturbed rest you need to recharge
Top Tip: Get the lighting right – blackout blinds behind your curtains can block out unwanted light from streetlights or early sunrises. Choose bedside lights that can be directed so you don’t disturb your other half. And add some low-lit magic with a generous helping of fairy lights - just because…


fall asleep to music

#2 Reclaim the Night 
The last 20 minutes of every day are precious – so make them yours to do whatever you fancy that will get you in to sleep mode. Listen to your favourite music, tune in to a podcast, do some yoga, soak in the bath, have a pamper. Stick to the things that help you relax and feel good And don't forget to avoid screens (blue light and all that…)
Top Tip: Weave some night-time aromatherapy oils in to your wind down routine. They will help rebalance your central nervous system, reduce your anxiety levels and create a sense of inner calm. Just what you need before bed. All four of our aromatherapy blends are specially designed for night-time so you can take your pick on what you need on any given night


calm balm application

 #3 Don’t Stress
Worry stops sleep. So it makes sense that worrying about not sleeping is going to end in tears. If you can’t sleep after 30 mins or so of trying then get up and do something to distract yourself (some people recommend a jigsaw – distracting enough to get your mind off things without being stressful). Wait until you are tired and then head back to bed
Top Tip: Jasmine is our go-to essential oil on nights when our mind won't switch off. Apply our CALM Sleep Balm to the pulse points on each wrist, close your eyes and take four slow deep breath to inhale the aroma. You’ll feel your body start to relax and your breathing slow down. If you are woken in the night and can’t drop back off, repeat as needed