Who doesn't need a hand to get their clutter in order? If your home or office is crowded with ‘stuff', your bedroom far from tranquil or your clothes are bursting out of your wardrobe, then here's a chance to get sorted with a little help from Professional Organiser and Kiss the Moon fan, Vicky Silverthorn. Her new book 'Start with the Sock Drawer' is full of clever little tips and shortcuts to help you make the most of your space and keep your belongings under control. 

"Vicky started her business 'You Need A Vicky' in 2010. After ten years working as a PA for names such as Lily Allen. she wanted to concentrate on the area of professional organisation and decluttering. Vicky is inundated with requests to help people get their homes back on track, helping in any capacity to create simplistic and practically organised home environments."  

OUR FAVOURITE VICKY TIP: If you are short of space in the bedroom use a chest as your bedside table and double up by storing away items that are not used very often (bulky blankets and spare bedding for example).  

Start with the Sock Drawer - a Simple Guide to Living a Life Less Cluttered by Vicky Silverthorn is available from amazon for £9.09 Click here to buy

Start with your Sock Drawer - recommended by Kiss the Moon  

Declutter you bedroom by Vicky Silverthorn for Kiss the Moon  


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