Want to torture your skin? Here's how...

Walking outside in cold temperatures and then stepping back into centrally heated spaces plays havoc with our skin. Both of these things speed up the loss of moisture from our skin's surface and can make it feel parched and uncomfortable.

Here are 3 things that you can do to protect your skin through winter, until the sun starts shining again:


1. Stay Hydrated

Every cell in our body needs water - including our brain, which sucks up a massive amount of the water we drink. Skin cells really suffer if they aren't pumped up so make those 5 glasses of fresh water a day a priority.

 glas off water with ice cubes

2. Nourish

New skin cells are born in the deep layers of our skin and live on for 28 days. They need nutrients to do their job and essential oils are a great way to deliver the goodies to where the skin is born. The Wheatgerm and Rosehip seed oils we use in our After Dark Face Oils provide vitamins A & E, two of the most essential building blocks for healthy skin.

close up of skin looking down on eye 

3. Replenish

The secret to keeping skin moist is all about the lipids. These are the natural oils that make the skin the amazing protective barrier it is. By replenishing these natural oils, we are giving the skin what it needs to function well.

shelf shot of kiss the moon face oils 

So if you are not a user of face oils, now is the perfect time to start.