Getting a good night's rest is crucial for mind, body and soul. We’ve pulled together some important steps for the ultimate going to bed routine that will release muscle tensions, soothe your skin and help you unwind after a busy day. Here are four tips on how to create the most soothing bedtime routine ever...   

Four steps to the land of nod
One of the most simplest things you can do to improve the quality of your nights sleep is to put some time aside to relax at the end of each day. Even 15 minutes is enough to switch your mind to sleep mode and is a good investment when you think of the impact a good night's sleep has on how you look and feel the next morning. So one night this weekend, head to the bathroom, lock the door and enjoy a little bit of a pamper.  

Step One - Light a candle

When light levels are low, our brain sends a signal to start releasing sleepy hormones, so lighting a candle in the evening is a good way to start the relaxation process

DREAM Aromatherapy Soy Candle by Kiss the Moon

Top Tip: Want to maximise the burn time? The first time you light a candle let it burn long enough to melt the wax almost the full width of the jar. That way the next time it is lit the wax will be drawn down fully, leaving just a little bit on the side rather than the wasteful 'tunnelling effect' that can sometimes happen (annoying).    

Our DREAM Aromatherapy Soy Candle is the perfect choice to help you unwind. Made with 100% soy wax and a paper wick to ensure a clean, long-lasting burn, it gives off no soot, just beautifully soothing aromas. Light it when you first go in to the bathroom and have it burning while you do your nightly skincare routine to give the aromatherapy oils a chance to release and work their magic


Step Two: Soak in the bath

Next, run a lovely deep bath. Once it's full, turn off the taps and add a pipette full of DREAM Night-time Bath & Shower Oil. Make sure you stay in the room as the biggest hit of aroma happens when the essential oils hit the water so you don't want to miss the benefits of that. Give it a quick swirl then step in and have a lovely long soak. When you step out, the drop in body temperature is another signal that the sun has gone down and it's time for bed, so you'll get another release of sleep hormones and be another step closer to wanting your bed.


DREAM After Dark Bath Oil by Kiss the Moon
Top Tip: Because all our bath oils are 100% natural you can use them directly on the skin. Before you step into the water, massage some of the oil directly on to your shoulders and décolletage to intensify the aroma hit while you are relaxing. If you have aching limbs or feet massage them with a touch of oil while you soak - lavender is a great way to ease away cramps and revive tired muscles. (Also perfect in a foot bath by the way.)    



Step Three: Scent your bedroom

Don your comfiest pjs and head to the bedroom. Keep the lighting low (a burst of artificial (blue) light at this point will undo some of that good work). With a bit of luck there will be a beautifully made bed waiting for you. Spritz LOVE After Dark Pillow Mist high above your pillow and sheets to turn your bedroom into a soothing den to curl up in.

Top Tip: Spritz your towel or bathrobe with a little pillow mist and pop on the radiator in the bathroom before you step in to the bath. It'll scent the room while you soak and you'll be wrapped up in all that loveliness when you get out of the tub.    


Step Four: And relax

Pre-load your bedside table with things that can help you sleep rather than hinder it. Resist the temptation to pick up your phone - it's another zap of blue light so not what you want when you are trying to wind down. Instead pick up a book and read for ten minutes, or even better, listen to some music or a podcast. Try a little DIY hand massage with our LOVE Night Cream for Hands. Before you turn off the light, add a touch of DREAM Sleep Balm to the pulse points on each wrist (and to the temples if you fancy). Switch off the light and with your eyes closed, raise your hands to your face and take three slow deep breaths (the combination of slow, conscious breathing and the essential oils will help you slip into a deeper state of relaxation)


Top Tip: If anything disturbs you though the night, reapply the balm to help you drift back off. Extra points if you can do this without turning the light on as that will help you stay in sleepy mode.  

Night, night everyone