1. Salmon can make you sleep better

Eating vitamin B6–rich salmon three times a week can help you to sleep better. Researchers in the USA found a positive link between a group of volunteers who ate Atlantic Salmon three times a week through the winter vs a control group who ate different meals with similar nutritional value. According to the study, the biggest impact was on improving the ability to fall asleep easily at bedtime.


2. Super nourishing for your skin

Wild salmon (rather than farmed) is one of the best food sources for omega-3 fatty acids, which help skin to stay supple and well moisturised. Salmon also contains selenium, a mineral that protects the skin from damaging effects of sun exposure. The vitamin D in salmon also keeps bones and teeth strong and healthy.  


3. Simple, quick and tasty

Because salmon is an oily fish it tends to keep its shape better than most other fish when cooked, which means you can do a bit more with it. Roast it, bake it, grill it, make it the hero in a pasta dish or a thai curry. Or grab a pan and create this simple supper...


Pan-fried salmon & herb creme fraiche with lemony crushed potatoes


Ingredients (serves 2):

Two salmon fillets (wild if possible)

Baby potatoes (skin on)

1 juicy lemon

100g half fat cream creme fraiche

A mix of fresh herbs (chives, flat leaf parsley, coriander & dill all work well)

Olive Oil

A knob of butter

Sea salt & black pepper


How to:

Warm the oven to 200 degrees.

Wash and cut your baby potatoes and boil in lightly salted water for 15mins (keep the skin on as that's where all the nutrients lie).

Cut your lemon in half and finely grate one half of the zest in to the creme fruit. Chop all your herbs finely and add that too and mix thoroughly. 

Season your salmon fillets with salt and pepper. Add a splash of olive oil to a high sided frying pan (ideally one with a metal handle) and heat until very hot. Pan fry the salmon (skin side down) until crispy and the flesh is almost cooked (5-7mins depending on the thickness of the fillet). Then pop it in the oven for five mins to finish cooking.

Check the potatoes to make sure they are soft. Drain and return to the still warm pan, add a generous squeeze of juice from the zested lemon half, a knob of butter and a pinch of sea salt. With using the back of a spoon squash the potato slightly to crush them. Make sure they are all coated in the lemony butter. Cover until serving.

Remove the salmon from the oven. Serve with the crushed potatoes and some steamed green veg on the side. Top with a spoonful of the herby creme fruit and lemon on the side.