The Autumn chill and windy weather can take its toll on our skin. The good news is that with a little extra beauty tlc you can keep your natural glow right through until winter.

Our secret weapon is our GLOW blend of essential oils – perfect to give a nourishing boost to dry and dehydrated skin. Here are three heroes from our GLOW range that are perfect companions for the Autumn.


1. Nourish nightly

Wind and chill both speed up the rate at which our skin cells loose moisture and as a result our skin can get dry and dehydrated faster than usual. Applying a nutrient rich face oil as part of your evening skincare routine gives a nutrient boost that helps skin to cope. Of the three After Dark Face Oils in our range, we'd recommend our GLOW oil as the best to counter dryness. As well as being rich in vitamin A & E and anti-oxidants (thanks to Rosehip Seed, White Tea Seed & Wheatgerm Oils) it also contains beautifully scented essential oils of Orange, Geranium and healing Myrrh. 

GLOW Night-time Face Oil - £12 for 5ml or £48 for 30ml

GLOW After Dark Face Oil by Kiss the Moon

Top Tip: Want the extra nutrients but not sure about applying a face oil directly to your skin? No problem, just add 2-3 drops in to your night-time moisturiser and apply as usual to give skin the repairing boost it needs at the end of a chilly Autumn day.


2. Exfoliate weekly

Slough away dead skin cells with a once a week exfoliation. Keep it natural and go gentle - you want to remove the damaged cells to reveal the young softer cells beneath but without stressing your skin structure out. Our GLOW After Dark Face Polish is made with Brown Sugar - nature's own buffer.  The grains are round not jagged and start to dissolve on contact with water so the polish effect gets gentler quicker. Sugar also contains natural AHA's which work on a cellular level to clear the cell surface. The end result - skin that looks and feels smoother and softer in an instant. 

GLOW After Dark Face Polish £15 for 50g or £30 for 100g

 GLOW After Dark Face Polish by Kiss the Moon


Soothe on Sunday

Sometimes what skin really needs is a good soak. Our new Bedtime Bath Salts turn bath time in to a treat for all your senses. The detoxifying Dead Sea Salts and Epsom Salts will soften skin and ease aching muscles while the beautifully scented essential oils will relax your mind and help lull you to sleep. Choose between GLOW (Orange & Geranium) or DREAM (Lavender &  Bergamot).

NEW: Bedtime Bath Salts - available in GLOW or DREAM £20 for 400g

Bedtime Bath Salts - NEW from Kiss the Moon


Top Tip: Aching feet? Our Bedtime Bath Salts work wonders on tired tootsies. Just add to a warm foot bath and rest a while. Dry feet thoroughly once done.