All good things must come to an end. And so it is with Kiss the Moon.

After ten fantastic years we’ve decided we have reached the end of this journey. So, in the next few weeks, we will be closing our beautiful business.

It’s been quite a rollercoaster of a decade, with lots of highs and some notable lows. We’ve created beautiful products that have transformed how people sleep and how comfortable they feel in their own skin. We’ve been recognised by our fellow business community and the beauty industry, winning over 50 awards and accolades. We’ve created beautiful spaces and events that have brought people together. We’ve helped people to grow and have learnt so much about ourselves, our fellow humans and the industry. It’s been a blast.

We’ve also worked hard to weather the storms that have come our way. We have coped with Covid, been battered by Brexit and done our best to navigate the choppy seas of selling online. However, business costs continue to spiral and the dire state of the economy means our customers are feeling the pinch, making it increasingly tough for us to make our numbers add up. Britain will bounce back but, once the repair process does eventually start, it will take time. Like many small independent businesses right now, we feel that is time we haven’t got. So, sadly, we have decided it is time to say good night.

Our adventure has been full of amazing people, from our loyal customers to the other small British businesses we’ve worked with to sell and create stand-out products and, of course, our brilliant team both past and present. Thank you for making it all worthwhile. We’re going to miss you.

Our online store here at kissthemoon.com and our physical store near Richmond, North Yorkshire will close within a few weeks. We’re now on a mission to sell all our remaining stock (and all our fixtures and fittings). We’d love your support with that and want to make sure you have chance to stock up on your Kiss the Moon favourites while you still can.

Thank you again for all the love.

May you continue to sleep beautifully.

From Jo & Anna and our brilliant Kiss the Moon teammates