Poor sleep leads to poor skin. That's because skin's key time to repair itself is overnight while we are sleeping. So if we don't get enough good quality sleep, the end result is tired looking skin. Try our Kiss the Moon Morning Mirror Test to see how well rested your skin is.  

Upon waking take a minute to check in the mirror for these four tell-tale signs of tired skin:

1. Dullness What to look for: Lacklustre skin that lacks smoothness and is missing its healthy glow

Cause: Lack of sleep disrupts the cell regeneration process so skin can't heal and renew itself fully. Old and damaged cells are rougher than newly formed healthy ones and can't hold moisture as well so don't appear as plump or fleshy.

What to do: - Gentle exfoliation will help speed up the removal of dead and damaged surface cells. - Moisturise and protect from the sun during the day to avoid more drying out. - Apply a nourishing night oil (ideally one high in natural vitamin A and E) to deliver nutrients at cell level and deeply moisturise.

How Kiss the Moon can help: Try LOVE After Dark Face Oil - all our face oils contain Rosehip Seed Oil (high in vitamin A and a well known wonder oil for skin repair) and anti-oxidant vitamin E in the form of Wheatgerm Oil. Our LOVE blend also contains rose absolute which boosts the circulation and helps skin to maintain a youthful bloom. The Frankincense essential oil we've added also helps to tone and smooth.    


love night time face oil award winner

2. Puffy Eyes What to look for: Bags and dark circles under the eyes

Cause: Build up of toxins overnight as a result of a sluggish lymphatic system not able to do it's clear up job effectively. While we are sleeping the lymph system kicks in, flushing out toxins and other waste materials that built up through the day. Interrupting this process creates a build up. We notice this first around our eyes as our skin here is much thinner than elsewhere.

What to do: - Relieve puffiness by placing a cotton pad soaked in chilled green or camomile tea over each eye. The cool will ease and refresh and also stimulate the circulation so you'll look and feel a bit more wide awake. - Also try some gentle lymphatic drainage massage moves (check this out for some easy to so examples). They'll help drain away excess fluid from the delicate outer eye area.

How Kiss the Moon can help: Massaging gently with any one of our nutrient rich Night-time Face Oils gives you a double whammy - the action helps boost circulation and speed up drainage of toxins while the ingredients nourish and moisture. Choose from LOVE, GLOW or CALM.    

KissTheMoon After Dark Face Oils


3. Dehydrated Skin What to look for: More visible wrinkles and a crepey feel

Cause: Dry skin is caused by loss of natural oil from the skin's surface.  Dehydrated skin is a result of loss of water from the deeper layers.  Both are a result of a poor cell repair and are antagonised by external factors such as over exposure to aircon, heating and harsh weather conditions. The older we get the more prone our skin becomes.

What to do: - Drink plenty of water through the day. - Upgrade your moisturiser to ensure it is heavy duty enough to do the job. - Consider an oil rather than a lotion at night for extra richness. - Add a drop of face oil to your daytime moisturiser to give it a nutrient and monitoring boost when you need one.

How Kiss the Moon can help: Our GLOW Night-time Face Oil is our first choice for dry and dehydrated skin.  It contains precious neroli (orange blossom) essential oil which is great for skin cell rejuvenation at cell level plus has geranium and myrrh for speedy healing.    


4. Stressed Out Skin What to look for: Outbreaks of spots or sensitive skin flare ups

Cause: When we don't get enough sleep, levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, increases. Too much suppresses collagen production and makes skin vulnerable to inflammation responses to external irritants.

What to do: - Pare back your skincare routine - avoid artificial and chemical additions which can irritate sensitive skin further and worsen the reaction. Go natural and simple instead. - Take time to destress your mind to help you restore your body's natural internal balance and help make getting to sleep easier.

How Kiss the Moon can help: Try our jasmine infused CALM Night-time Face Oil. The combination of Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang not only make it smell amazing relaxing (perfect for quietening overactive minds) they also contain skin soothing properties and are gentle enough sensitive skin.  

Most importantly of all - remember that our skin is a barometer that tells the tale of whether we're getting enough sleep. So while there are ways to handling those days when you wake up looking tired, the real solution is to tackle the main issue and find ways of getting the sleep your skin needs to stay looking its best.


Sleep beautifully everyone.