Our sense of touch is an amazing thing. The first sense that humans develop, the sensation of touch, works through a network of receptors in the skin which send signals to the brain. As well as helping to keep us safe as we interact with the world around, touch has a direct impact on our well-being, helping us feel safe, loved and in tune with our surroundings. Touch isn’t just powerful, its therapeutic

Given we’re living in a 2m distanced world right now, we’ve been looking for other ways to engage this most essential sense and Touch Meditation caught our eye

Touch Meditation is a way to bring a sense of inner calm and tune in to the moment by engaging your sense of touch. Take five minutes out to give this simple exercise a go to get you started:


hand massage palm 

  1. Find a space where you won’t be disturbed and get comfy. Close your eyes and take three long, slow, deep breaths in and then out


  1. Hold one hand in the other and rest it there. One at a time notice how it feels. Notice the weight, the texture, the shape, the warmth


  1. Turn the hand you are holding so your palm is facing up, imagine it is a clock face. Starting at the number six (your wrist) gentle squeeze palm between your thumb and forefinger, notice the sensation. Move slowly round your palm squeezing each point of the ‘clock face’ gently. Notice how that feels both in your hand itself and elsewhere in your body


  1. Roll your hand over so your palm is face down and again using your thumb and forefinger, work up your thumb in three gentle squeezes. Repeat for other digits


  1. Swap hands and repeat the exercise

 finger massage

This is a perfect exercise to do to help you fall asleep. Just don’t forget to turn out the light first. Made extra gorgeous if you apply our LOVE Night Cream for Hands beforehand

 hand massage with hand cream