They say that everything works if you turn it off and turn it on again. That includes ourselves

We all know that being ‘always on’ is a fast track to stress and burnout. While sleep is crucial we also need to remember to rest during waking hours. Time out, however brief, allows us come back stronger and sail through whatever else comes our way. Here are six easy tips to help you prioritise your down time as much as everything else on your to do list

1. Nano-rests

Build in bite-sized rests throughout your day.

 take a nap

2. Walk & talk

Step outside in to the fresh air to make phone calls

 walk and talk

3. Rest your eyes

Put down those screens and pick up a book

reading a book 

4. Stretch Alarm

Use the timer on your phone to remind yourself to get up and stretch every 40 mins or so


5. Zoned Out

Schedule chunks of time in your day to drift and dream


6. Do Not Disturb

Have a no-go zone where everyone knows you are not to be interrupted and spend that time doing whatever you damn well like

 do not disturb sign

Remember this is your chance to reconnect with one another and with the natural world and to give your mind and body a well-earned break. Most definitely things worth investing in don’t you think?