Four easy ways to get the super smooth skin of your dreams this Summer...

Tip One: Exfoliate weekly

Body scrubs and face polishes are effective ways to shoo away rough dead skin cells and let the new softer skin underneath flourish. Just don't over do it - once a week will do (twice a week max.) otherwise you' risk damaging the lipid layer than keeps skin protected

Try: Our GLOW After Dark Face Polish with Brown Sugar and Mango Butter to smooth then soften skin before bed.

face polish 

Tip Two: Cleanse Gently

Harsh chemical cleansers can strip away the lipids our skin needs to be a protective barrier to the world. So cleanse night and day but choose go gentle. Avoid anything too astringent.

Try: Our Pure Essential Oil Soaps are moisturising ands gentle enough to use on your face as well as your body. That's because they are made the old-fashioned way with natural glycerin which means they don't strip the skin and with our high-quality aromatherapy oils for extra boost of skin supporting nutrients.

soap and dish 

Tip Three: Protect Daily

Sunlight might make us feel good but it's bad news for our poor skin. Protect your skin from the damaging and ageing effects of the sun's rays by applying a moisturising containing UVA and UVB protection daily. Cover up and wear sunglasses and avoid the midday sun

Try: Wear sunglasses outdoors to shield and protect the thin layers of skin we have round our eyes and to avoid wrinkles caused by regular squinting

elsie in sunglasses 

Tip Four: Nourish nightly

Our skin needs protecting by day and nourishing by night so adjust your skin care routine accordingly. While we are sleeping our skin is in repair mode so feed it the nutrients it needs. Use super-rich creams on dry areas such as hands, feet and elbows to help restore moisture levels and encourage barriers repair

Try: Our Try Me Trio of Night-time Face Oils to find the perfect blend for your skin and your beauty sleep

 trio face oils to try