All Kiss the Moon products are 100% natural. We use only natural fragrances - essential oils derived from botanical ingredients such as flowers, fruits, sap, seeds or skin of the plant, or the bark, leaves, roots, resins or wood of certain trees. Here's why we are so picky about our ingredients and why we believe that when it comes to helping your skin and your sleep, nature knows best... 

21st century life leaves us exposed Our bodies absorb chemicals constantly whether we like it or not, through the air we breathe and through the surface of our skin. In fact, did you know that over 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream? Human inventiveness and ingenuity has created 1000's of new chemicals over recent years, and relatively few have been tested on humans. Even for those that have, the harm that some of them may do longer term is still unknown. Which is why we tread carefully when it comes to what we put in to all of our products, opting for the tried and tested and trusting natural ingredients that have been used for centuries.


Sidestepping the suspected nasties Some of the more modern chemicals that are widely used in the beauty and fragrance industry have been found to be detrimental to our health. Yet many are still used for their ability to reduce costs and extend product shelf-life. For many other additives, the evidence is inconclusive and so the jury is still out. We're not prepared to gamble with our or your health so have decided to leave out things like parabens (reported to cause hormonal imbalances), silicones (that can impair skin's natural processes) and anything derived from petroleum.  

Fragrance regulations - add what you like The beauty and food industry do at least have regulations in place around what can and can't be present in products. However, did you know that when it comes to fragrances (including home fragrances such as candles, diffusers and mists) the same rules don't apply. The tend to fall between the two worlds and so neither legislation applies. While all beauty products have to be approved by an independent chemist, no such rules apply for fragrances. The vast majority of home fragrance manufacturers will opt for the cheapest, most potent scent available, which will usually be an artificial fragrance rather than a natural essence. This means you get the smell but in a reproduced form and none of the natural benefits that a high grade essential oil will bring. It's always worth checking what exactly is being used before you buy. Sadly, if it's cheap, it's unlikely to be real as the natural ingredients are much more expensive than the man-made alternatives. We've created our After Dark Pillow Mists with flower water, pure alcohol and high grade essential oils so you get all the therapeutic benefits you need to help you relax before bed. And because we don't want to breath in artificial unknowns while we are sleeping. Who does?

Scents to soothe you to sleep by Kiss the Moon

Skin is special Skin is our largest organ and its vital for a healthy life. As anyone who suffers from a skin disease or sensitivity will tell you, when it is out of kilter the implications of quality of life can be severe. Anything that disrupts the skin's natural balance is bad news in our books. While our skin is an amazing protector, it doesn't have a natural filtering system to remove toxins (like the liver and kidneys for anything we ingest) so we believe that anything we put on it knowingly should be super safe and work with your body rather than against it. It is worth noting that of course, that some skin can react to natural ingredients at times. Which is why we'll always be 100% transparent about what we put in to each Kiss the Moon product.  We'd still urge you to read the labels and do a patch test before using if you know you have a tendency to sensitivity, as high grade natural ingredients have a power of their own - that's why we love them.  

Better for the planet Choosing the natural option isn't just better for our health, it's also better for the planet. Because we want to maximise the therapeutic ability of the essential oils we use, we buy from high grade supplies who farm responsibly and avoid the use of harsh chemicals during the growing and harvesting process. This makes their crops much more eco-friendly and sustainable. Everything we make is created in the UK. And of course, the only animals we ever test on are humans.

The Kiss the Moon range has been awarded the highest grade of approval (3 stars) at the Vavista Awards 2015 for products that help you to Eat Better, Live Better, Work Better.  

We're also very proud to be awarded Leaping Bunny status as a product range who is cruelty free and not tested on animals. All our products are suitable for vegans.