Bergamot Oil is the secret ingredient that freshens up our DREAM blend. It’s a perfect partner to the floral notes of lavender and grassy chamomile, adding a zip of citrus that brightens the whole she-bang and that makes our DREAM blend stand out from the crowd when it comes to other lavender loaded sleep remedies.

Here are ten things you might not know about bergamot oil that makes it a perfect choice for night-time...  

  1. Bergamot is the name of a tree, (scientific name Citrus bergamia) that is the result of a cross between a lemon tree and an orange tree. Originally from the tropics it now grows successfully in the warmer European climates too.  
  2. It's the magic ingredient that transforms a cup of black tea in to the sensorial wow that is Earl Grey. The lovely people at Twinings describe it as smelling like a sweeter version of grapefruit with a fresh top note and gentle spiciness. It lifts and balances out heavier scents such as the earthiness of tea (and in the case of our DREAM blend, the heavy floral notes of lavender).  
  3. While mostly harvest for the essential oil, you can also find bergamot oranges in grocery stores around the world. Like the essential oil, bergamot fruit is loaded with health boosting properties.  
  4. Bergamot has anti-depressant qualities - able to instil a feeling of freshness and positivity. It also stimulates hormonal secretions, helping to maintain proper metabolic rates.  
  5. Bergamot works as an analgesic - reducing the feeling of pain in the body. It works by stimulating the secretion of certain hormones which lessen the sensitivity of nerves to pain. Handy to ease the effects of headaches, sprains and muscle aches.  
  6. High in flavonoids it makes a very good relaxant as well. Able to soothe nerves and reduce nervous tension, which in terms can help reduce stress-induced sleeplessness.  
  7. Bergamot is often used in cosmetics and skin care products because it can work wonders on scars and other marks on the skin. It also makes the distribution of skin pigments more uniform - fading marks and evening out skin tone. It's commonly been used to eliminate the unsightly effects of acne.  
  8. It also ticks the box as a natural antispasmodic - a relaxant for nerves and muscles. It's useful as a quick relief for cramps and painful muscle contractions. This can also be important for people with chronic coughing or respiratory conditions, as well as asthma, which is similar to a spasmodic reaction.  
  9. The disinfectant and antibiotic properties of bergamot oil make it a good antiseptic. It not only promotes fast healing of wounds, cracks on the skin and heels, ulcers, eczema, and itching, but it also protects wounds from becoming septic.  
  10. Pure bergamot oil needs to be stored in dark bottles in dark places to be protected from sunlight, one of its components, reacts when exposed to sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight should even be avoided after it is applied or rubbed onto the skin, at least until it absorbs in.  

Why Bergamot Is Brilliant at Bedtime by Kiss the Moon  


Source: organicfacts.com - read more about the benefits of bergamot from their article   Find Bergamot Oil in our soothing DREAM blend alongside Lavender, Cedarwood & Chamomile