GLOW after dark Face Polish uses soft brown sugar to exfoliate

Soft Brown Sugar is one of the hero ingredients in our After Dark Face Polish. Here's why it is our first choice exfoliator to revive your skin and bring back its healthy glow.  

Sugar, sugar by Kiss the Moon

1. No sharp edges Sugar crystals are rounded and therefore they exfoliate without any damage to your skin. Other physical exfoliators such as salts, kernels and coffee grains can have minute edges which if used too vigorously are sharp enough to create tiny tears in the skin.  

2. Dissolves away to nothing By gently massaging with damp fingertips, the sugar gradually dissolves away making the exfoliating action gentler as you go. This reduces resistance and makes the overall experience less harsh on the skin. Adding water to the sugar on application means you get to control the level of exfoliation you want based on what works best for your skin.  

3. Sugar contains natural AHA’s The beauty world has gone gaga about the powers of AHA's to help lift away dead skin cells - hence the rush to create them in the lab and add them in to skincare products. But like some fruits, sugar actually is a natural source of these clever AHA's so you get  the natural chemicals in sugar to exfoliate skin very gently on a cellular level.  

4. Microbead free and environmentally friendly Sugar is 100% natural which means no damage to the environment, and of course, no microbeads to pollute the oceans.  

5. Sugar + Sugar combines well with other natural ingredients to create a face polish that doesn't just smooth, it also soften and nourishes your skin. We've combined it with mango butter to soften, our sleep-inducing essential oils to nourish skin deep down and to turn the whole experience into something that is a relaxing ritual that helps prepare you for bed.  

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