We all know how important it is to wash our hands regularly through the day but it can take its toll on our skin so choose your soap or hand wash with care. Avoid using anything that strips oils away (including overuse of anti-bac cleansers) and instead opt for something with inbuilt moisturising properties

Our Pure Essential Oil Soaps are 100% natural are made with natural glycerine to keep skin healthy and moisturised (hence the lovely lather) and are loaded with pure aromatherapy oils to leave your skin gentle scented as well as germ free.

lathered up soap

Steer clear of washing hands in very hot water – Luke warm water has just the same effect and is much gentler on the skin.

 big steaming bronze sink

Have a nail brush by every sink. Dirt and grim accumulates under the nails. Keep them clean and buffed with a natural nail brush. Later up with soap and brush at right-angles to your nails to reach all the places that water alone cannot reach

painted nail hand

Keep nails trim and tidy. You don’t have to go for the full manicured look (lovely though that looks), but having a good emery board on hand to tackle snags and smooth away the bumps keeps nails looking good and avoids weak spots developing. A buffer to gentle polish up the service is a varnish free way to get a natural healthy shine

Don’t become a nail gel junkie. Don’t get us wrong – we think nail gels are pretty amazing inventions but they are torture for your nails so save them for special rather than making them an everyday thing. Have a month off in-between each gel manicure to give nails chance to recover and ply them with nourishing oils before and after to help them up their resilience. If you want colour without the chemicals then search for the new breathable nail polishes that are out there. They are getting better and better all the time

 face polish in a jar

Exfoliating hands keeps skin smooth and baby soft. Exfoliating removes the old surface skin and stimulates the new cells growing underneath. We exfoliated our face and body but often forget our hardworking hands. Do it yourself with a sugar and olive oil treatment or cheat and pinch a bit of our GLOW After Dark Face Polish to leave hands baby soft and smelling like a warm orange grove. Delicious

 hand cream jar

Use hands creams to protect skin through the day and to nourish them overnight. Night-time is the only time when our hands get a break from all that washing, drying and hard work. While we are sleeping our skin cells are busy repairing and rejuvenating. So choose a night-time hand cream that is nourishing enough to restore skins natural oils and moisture and loaded with the vitamins and minerals cells need to stay healthy. Our LOVE Night-Cream for Hands is super rich and nourishing (thanks to the whipped Shea Butter) but sinks in beautifully without being sticky. We’ve added nutrient rich Rose and Frankincense aromatherapy oils to boost cell repair, help healing and leave skin beautifully scented at bedtime

 hand massage in action

Don’t just rub in your hands, cream, massage it. Massage will stimulate the circulation, help the lymph system remove toxins and can ease aches and pains. Our hands (and feet) are a complex network of acupressure points so taking a moment to do a little DIY hand massage isn’t just a way to get hand cream, it’s an act of self-love and a well deserves moment of relaxation. Savour it

Love thy cuticles. Keeping cuticle well-nourished and moisturised helps avoid they drying out and splintering and helps deliver nutrients to the nail-bed where our next generation nails are growing. Massage your night cream in to each cuticle in turn to help encourage healthy, happy, stronger nails


Frankincense works wonders on sun spots. Did you know that? Revered for its ability to heal, frankincense can help fade away discoloration caused by sun or age. Another reason we’ve added it to our LOVE Night-cream for Hands alongside skin cell rejuvenating Rose Oil

Gloves are your friends. Woolly ones for outside, tough ones for gardening, rubber ones for washing up. We’ve got a wide collection of gloves to protect our hands when things get tough. Start your own collection and keep hands looking and feeling lovely whatever you put them through