Here are the five things your skin would ask you to do if it could talk...  


1. Take off the day, every day 

However tired you are - resist the temptation to go to bed before removing all traces of makeup. Leaving it on makes for a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause break outs and sensitivity. Double cleanse your face each night, starting with an oil or balm to remove the persistence stuff like mascara, then use an all over face cleanser that matches your skin type. Massage it in circular motions (skin loves that as it stimulates the circulation) and rinse off well. Once a week treat yourself to a skin detox with a good exfoliator (make sure its microbead free of course) to slough away dead skin and encourage new cell growth.

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glow after dark face polish


2. Keep the grubby stuff away

Make sure anything that touches your face on a regular basis is regularly cleaned and bacteria free. That includes your phone, your make up brushes and your fingers.

Skincare tips from Kiss the Moon


3. Shelter from the sun all year round

Even when it's not sunbathing weather, the sun is the single biggest danger for our skin. It speeds up signs of ageing such as wrinkles and discolouration and puts us at risk from skin cancer. Pay special attention to the eye area where the skin is thinnest and extra delicate. Even in the winter, choose a foundation or primer with a sun protection built in. In the summer, up the SPF factor and grow your collection of hats and sunglasses. If you must sunbathe, take it easy and avoid burning and redness. Seek out the shade at the peak of the day. You'll thank us when you're older...

Skincare tips from Kiss the Moon      


4. Eat right

Pay attention to the colours of the food that you eat. A diet that incorporates all the colours of the rainbow is a shorthand way to make sure your skin is getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy from the inside out. Variety is the key so try to eat a wide repertoire of foods. One tip is to do a 'rainbow check' of the food in your shopping basket to make sure all the colours are covered. (Missing something blue? Go grab a punnet of blueberries.) Try to eat a percentage of raw food each day to max out on the nutrients (salads, nuts, fruit, smoothies, sushi all count). Sidestep the processed stuff and go easy on sugar and fat.

Skincare tips from Kiss the Moon  

5. Don't skimp on your beauty sleep

While we are sleeping our skin cells are in repair mode. During the day the key thing our skin needs most is protection, at night what it craves is nutrition. Choose a night-time face oil or cream that helps deliver nutrients deep down to the lower layers of the skin where cell repair takes place (a good face oil is particularly good for this as the molecules can penetrate deeply). Missing out on your beauty sleep ups your stress hormones and depletes your skin's collagen levels (the stuff that makes skin looks plump and glowing with health). Sleepless nights also lead to a build up of toxins (that's why our eyes look baggy and feel tender when we wake after a rubbish night's rest). Our Sleep Balm are the perfect pot of magic for your bedside table to help you drift off more smoothly or if you wake in the night 


Sleep advice from Kiss the Moon


Enjoy the Spring lovely people.