We all need to find ways to find help us keep our stress levels in check and the team have been trying to make a conscious effort to find some time to unwind. 

Here are some of our favourites:


alex on her bike ride

Alex is a keen road cyclist and is know to do a few 100km at the weekend up and down Dale. "I love the sense of freedom, space and the feel of the wind in my hair. It allows me to find the balance I need in my life and help me feel more like me again"



teddy the dog

Sue is always up bright and early with Milo & Teddy. "Taking the dogs out for a long walk first thing helps me to blow any cobwebs from the day before away and means I start the day in the right frame of mind"



anna's tagine cooking

Anna finds her peace in the kitchen "without a daily commute anymore to give me that time to process between work and family, I use family evening meal prep time  as my moment of pause, even though I'm doing something. The rhythm of chopping, mixing, blending, simmering all help me wind down so I am ready to slip back into family life"

What are you doing to stay calm right now?