Chilly weather is hard work for hands. Here are our tips for how to give yours some extra special love as the weather turns wintery

According to the Global Hygiene Council we should be washing our hands 6 times a day at the very least (it's good basic hygiene to wash every time before you eat and also after you visit the loo, touch pets or going anything which could exposure you to germs). And that's before Covid. Add all that up and most of us wash our mits at least ten times daily. It's dangerous to skimp on hand-washing as it massively increases our chances of getting and passing on infection. However, all that soap and water is tough on our skin.  Add to that exposure to winter chills and biting Autumn winds and it's easy to see why our hands can become dry and damaged. These five top tips will help keep them super smooth and soft as the temperature drops: 


1. Invest in a kind hand wash

Artificial hand washes that are high in fragrance and heavy on the chemical ingredients tend to strip the natural lipids that skin needs to stay intact and retain moisture. Opt for a more natural hand wash instead. Our personal treat is Resurrection by Aesop - scented with essential oils rather than man made fragrances. Or try Dr Organic Aloe Hand Wash from Holland & Barrett


2. Have a daytime hand cream by every sink

Get in to the habit of moisturising after every hand wash. Keep it light (no-one has time to wait for heavy hand cream to sink in when there's so much to do each day). Having them by the sink makes it easier to get in to the habit.

rubbing hand cream into hands


3. Wear gloves

Yep we know it's obvious but it's never too early to put your gloves on. It's not just about keeping your hands warm, it's about keeping the moisture in. And there are some lovely ones around (see what's in store at the super chic Wolf & Badger).


4. Exfoliate weekly

Just like every other bit of our body, hands benefit from a good weekly pamper session. Our GLOW After Dark Face Polish is made with Brown Sugar and a special blend of nutrient rich oils and works wonders on hands as well as on your face. A tiny bit goes a very long way. Just massage in well with a splash of water then rinse thoroughly. The brown sugar removes dead skin cells and encourages new cells to thrive and the oils leave your skin well nourished and super soft. Shop now: GLOW After Dark Face Polish

GLOW After Dark Face Polish by Kiss the Moon



5. Deeply nourish by night

While we are sleeping our hands have an eight hour break. That means it's the perfect time to apply a rich skin treatment. Our LOVE Night Cream for Hands is super rich without being sticky. It contains rosehip & rose oils to rejuvenate skin cells and frankincense oil to tackle sun spots and discolouration overnight. 

Find out more: LOVE Night Cream for Hands

night cream for hands