When life is all go, go, go slowing down can be a real challenge. Your ever-abundant energy and never-ending to-do list can makes taking time out to rest sometimes seems like a luxury that you just can’t afford. Truth is, no-one can run on empty. A good night’s sleep is vital to ensure you don’t burn out.

Try these tips to help you carve out the time you need to reboot and recharge…

Run a bath – Show yourself some love. Lock that bathroom door, prepare a lovely aromatherapy bath and float a while. Dial up the self-care levels with the help of our LOVE Bath & Shower Oil to help lull yourself towards a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Claim back the night – Put aside the last 20 mins at the end of every day to do something that helps you wind down before bed. Sip a calming tea, do some yoga stretches, listen to some chilled-out music. Whatever helps take you from ‘go’ to ‘slow’.

Put down the tech – Blue light from screens messes with our body’s sleep signals so create your own cut off point on an evening. If your mobile has to be in your bedroom, charge it on the other side of the room so it’s out of temptations way once you are in bed.

Breath in the calm – Have our CALM Sleep Balm by your bedside for night’s when you go to bed tired, but your busy mind just won’t switch off. Apply to temples and wrists then take three long deep breaths then let the Jasmine & Chamomile essential oils work their magic.

Make a note – Keep a notebook and pen by your bedside for night’s when you to do list is whirring in your mind. Write down what you need to remember then let it go for the night safe in the knowledge it’ll be right there as a reminder when you wake.