It goes without saying that the first thing we'd turn to on night’s when we need a bit of extra something to still our mind and relax at the end of a busy day would be our trusty Kiss the Moon products. But here are five more of our favourite soul-soothers.     

Sip some chamomile A warming cup of chamomile tea relaxes the muscles as well as the nervous system as a whole - helping soothe the mind and the emotions. To avoid caffeine disrupting your sleep, sip chamomile herbal tea rather than your usual cuppa in the 3 or 4 hr wind down leading up to you heading to bed

Soul soothers loved by Kiss the Moon     

2. Stroke a pet Pets have also been found to lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in our bodies, leading to a calmer approach to life and thus positively impacting our blood pressure. Simply stroking a pet can have health benefits. If you own a pet, you’re also less likely to suffer from clinical depression. I mean - look at that little face

 Soul soothers loved by Kiss the Moon

I spy... something natural It's well documented that being in a natural environment can help soothe us and reduce anxiety levels. Even having a pot plant in your room has been shown to can have a positive effect on overall well-being. In fact, just looking at an image of something natural can have a positive impact on how we feel - increasing our tolerance of pain and helping us to heal. (Studies have shown similar that hospital patients who were in rooms featuring scenes from nature were able to tolerate pain better and healed faster, spending less time in hospital.) If you want to soothe your soul and can't get out in to nature in person, then find a way to bring nature to you. Soul soothers loved by Kiss the Moon

Fancy a cuddle? Physical contact with others can help to reduce stress. "Hugging, kissing, or more physical acts of touch increases oxytocin levels, which is a 'bonding' hormone. According to Stress Management Coach and Holistic Therapist, Catherine A. Connors, this chemical reaction can help to reduce blood pressure, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease, and can also help to reduce stress and anxiety. Image from Soul soothers loved by Kiss the Moon

Get classical Slow classical music, that follows the 10-second rhythm has been proven to reduce blood pressure. Oxford University research suggests that a dose of the right classical music - including a rousing blast of Nessun Dorma - could reduce blood pressure and help stave off heart disease. Worth a go.

Soul soothers - loved by Kiss the Moon