Our skin renews itself every 30 days, which means if you want to look your beautiful best for the festive season, then now’s the time to give your skin a little extra TLC. Here are our seven steps to help you get your skin party-ready from top to toe this winter...    

Seasonally adjust your daytime skincare

Add a drop of face oil to your regular daytime moisturiser to up the nourishment and give yourself a little more protection from the chilly weather and moisture sapping central heating

How we can help: We have three face oils in our range so you can find the one that best matches your skin type. Choose from LOVE (best for rejuvenating mature skin), GLOW (best for restoring dry & dehydrated Skin) & CALM (best for rebalancing oily skin that is prone to breakouts)  

£12 for 5ml or £48 for 30ml

LOVE After Dark Face Oil from Kiss the Moon  

Tap in to nature

Essential oils can work wonders to help dry and dehydrated skin. Orange and Geranium oils are known to be particularly effective. Find both in our GLOW blend alongside Myrrh - used for generations as a healing oil and great at treating dry and chapped skin

How we can help: Read more about what's in our GLOW blend and how the four essential oils are so perfect for nourishing skin through the colder months of the year

GLOW After Dark Bath & Face Oils by Kiss the Moon   

Smooth but don't strip

Avoid harsh soaps and alcohol based toners that can strip skin of their natural oils. Keep exfoliation gentle (and not too often) to avoid damaging the outer surface of the skin as this will speed up moisture loss. Be sure to choose an exfoliator that is microbead free (check that it is on the Good Scrub Guide list to make sure)

How we can help: Our After Dark Face Polish is made from natural brown sugars, blended with shea butter and nourishing GLOW essential oils to smooth and then soften skin in one treatment. Apply weekly at bedtime to help skin keep its natural radiance whatever the weather  £30 for £100ml


Nourish by night

Skin repair is most active at night, so that’s the time to give it the nutrients the cells need to stay healthy. Our Night-time Face Oils contain Rosehip Seed Oil (rich in Vitamin A) and Wheatgerm Oil (rich in vitamin E) - both vital nutrients for skin health


CALM After Dark Face Oil 

Don't forget your hidden bits

Get ready for that party dress by making sure your skin is smooth and blemish free from top to toe. Shins and backs of arms have less oil glands than other parts of our body so they easily become dry and flaky. One of the reasons we love a night-time soak with a bath oil is that you can step out ready moisturised and super nourished from top to toe

How we can help: Because our Night-time Bath & Shower Oils are 100% natural you can massage them in to your skin before stepping in to the bath as well as putting some directly in to the water to deliver a more intensive boost of essential oils and super-soften your skin.


Feed your skin from the inside out

Support your skin from the inside out. Drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in healthy omega-3s (oily fish; nuts; olive oil and avocados). Vitamin C rich food (eg. citrus fruit, dark green leafy veg) help keep skin well-protected by boosting collagen production, as well as helping you fend off pesky colds

Cavolo Nero by Kiss the Moon 

Don't skimp on your beauty sleep

Research has shown that insufficient sleep shows on our skin and in our face - from a sallow complexion, to puffy eyes and random breakouts. Not what you want for party season. So invest in some early nights through the week so you can look your best when the party starts. Put time aside to get yourself in to sleep mode - read a book, do some gentle yoga stretches or have a candlelit bath - whatever helps you switch off your mind before bed. Switch off those gadgets and invest in those zzzz's



Go to be hydrated sleep tip - by Kiss the Moon


Happy partying. xx