There are few things as helpful to ease you to sleep than a warm soak in a bath of beautiful scented essential oils before bed 

Our After Dark Bath Oils come in three sleep-inducing blends to match your needs at bedtime. Choose from LOVE if you want to go to bed smelling of roses and feeling contented.  The light citrus notes of GLOW is perfect to brighten your mood and make sure you go to bed feeling positive.  While DREAM is a soothing combination of French Lavender freshened with Bergamot - the gentlest way to drift off to sleep and great way to ease any pre-bed aches and pains.

Which ever blend you choose, you'll notice how easily our oils diffuse in the water and how soft they leave your skin.  That's because of the carrier oils we've selected.  Three handpicked for their ability to work together to keep skin well nourished and that allow you to step out of the tub ready moisturised from top to toe.  

Here's what's inside and why we think they're the perfect bath time trio...  

  kiss the moon, night time face oil

Coconut Seed Oil:

We’ve chosen this lovely light oil as the base of our After Dark Bath Oils because of its magic properties in water. Its natural formulation allows it to naturally disperse in water. So it’s the perfect carrier to combine with essential oils to create a luxurious bath-time treat without the need for added chemicals. Coconut Oil also has a natural affinity with human skin, helping to quickly restore it to its natural pH level of 5.5 without blocking pores. It contains lots of skin friendly minerals (such as phosphorus, calcium. Iron, manganese and magnesium) as well as Vitamins A, B & E    

kiss the moon, sleep better

White Tea Seed Oil:

Technically known as Camellia Seed Oil, this easily absorbed oil is made from cold pressed wild seeds from a pure, white version of the plant that gives us our favourite cuppa. Widely revered in Asia, it has been used in Japan for centuries as a beauty aid to condition skin, hair and nails. We’ve added it to our After Dark Bath & Face Oils to give an added boost of moisturisation and for its natural anti-oxidant properties

    kiss the moon, can't sleep

Golden Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba’s power comes from the fact that chemically, it closely resembles human sebum – the oil our skin produces naturally. This affinity with human skin means it can nourish and protect very effectively. No wonder it is so relied on by the beauty industry as a natural way to boost the way skin feels and looks. It is particularly high in vitamin E and contains a natural plant wax which mimics human collagen. We’ve added a shot to our After Dark Bath Oils to give them an extra luxurious feel and help to deliver deep levels of overnight skin nourishment