Crave Magazine - Nov 2020

Crave Magazine - Nov 2020

The lovely team at Crave Magazine have rounded up their favourite products to help you get the most from luxuriating in the tub

Have you ever thought about including a mix of beauty sleep products to create the most luxurious soak in the tub? Here are Crave Magazine's favourite picks:

DREAM After Dark Bath Oil

Sleep inducing essential oils of lavender, bergamot, cedarwood and chamomile are blended with coconut and jojoba to leave you relaxed and moisturised from top to toe. Squeeze two full pipettes into a still, deep, warm bath. For a more intense experience, massage lightly into the skin before stepping in. Take three slow breaths and relax

GLOW Pure Essential Oil Soap

100% natural moisturising soap made using nourishing coconut and aromatherapy oils of orange and geranium to gently cleanse the skin leaving it feeling soft and beautifully scented. Each soap is made by hand in the UK using traditional methods, with no artificial perfumes or preservatives. They come beautifully wrapped in compostable glassine paper helping you avoid unwanted plastic bottles and pumps

Coming soon...GLOW Bedtime Bath Salts