Having a problem staying cool at night? Time to check out the revolutionary new nightwear from Cucumber Clothing

We were thrilled to catch up with the lovely Eileen & Nancy - ladies on a similar mission - and find out more about Cucumber Clothing. Their aim: to help women get a good night's sleep "making interrupted sleep a thing of the past, so you can face the day ahead". Realising that getting hot and sweaty, particularly at night, is probably one of the last taboos, they have developed a range of nightwear with moisture-wicking properties (that means it draws moisture away from the body) to help regulate your body temperature at bedtime. So if pregnancy, the menopause, medication, health conditions or a radiating partner are causing you to heat up during the night-time, it's time to check out their incredibly comfortable yet super stylish nightwear ranges.

Here's what they had to say...


‘Think in the morning, act in the noon, eat in the evening, sleep in the night.’ William Blake

If it only were so simple, we girls at Cucumber would have it nailed!  The lucky ones amongst us have only to switch off the light and connect head with pillow to have eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. For a large part of the population, sleep comes far less easily. One off and chronic stresses: from work, teething babies, family or relationship worries, to something as mundane as fretting about a dripping tap, can keep us tossing and turning, night after night.

The internet is chock full of ideas and information to do with sleep. Top of our list is keeping your bedroom cool.  Subconsciously you may well be aware of the key link between a restful night’s sleep and your temperature.  How often is it that when travelling you find it harder to sleep than usual because the hotel room is stiflingly hot or arctic cold? 

Our bodies work on a circadian rhythm which sees our temperatures fluctuate throughout the day and night. Body temperature decreases during the night and is at its lowest around 5 am. When we are in our deepest REM sleep our bodies actually lose the ability to thermoregulate easily, which means that if we do begin to overheat (helped along by that delightfully thick duvet, those fluffy, absorbent cotton pjs etc.) we struggle to maintain a soothing, cooler, sleep-happy temperature and can be jolted awake in a restless, sweaty tangle of sheets. Sound familiar?

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The key is allowing your body to maintain temperatures at the optimum level, by keeping your bedroom at a comfortably cool level.  Understanding the link between your body's ideal night-time temperature and a good night’s sleep may make all the difference!.  And that's where Cucumber comes in!

If you haven't heard of us before, Cucumber is a new (six months old) luxury clothing and nightwear brand that is tackling restless sleep head on, using our beautiful and intelligent fabrics.  We're two good friends who only eighteen months ago were chatting about the fact that so many women we knew were suffering from bad sleep/lack of sleep/interrupted sleep. These were all superwomen, juggling multiple balls daily: work, children, parents, life and more. Yet they were unable to catch up on their rest in large part due overheated, sweaty and sleepless nights.

It was then we came up with the idea of Cucumber’s luxurious moisture wicking nightwear and loungewear which helps you cool down quickly and easily and keep you comfortable, but also gives you a layer against the cold. With our backgrounds in fashion and marketing we felt sure we could make it work, and we have been seriously overwhelmed by the response to our launch. 

Our clothes are cut to be intensely flattering, and the super soft, intelligent fabric helps regulate your temperature by wicking any sweat up and away from the body at speed, (while killing off any odour-creating bacteria at the same time). Bonus, they are wash and wear, just hang to dry (super quick – thanks to its moisture wicking properties).  No iron, no fuss.  Perfect for busy lives and travel. 

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We started with just six simple, elegant pieces in two colours, sizes 8-18 and in the next few months we will be releasing three more styles in our signature jersey, with our gorgeous summer collection in our brand new silky and equally intelligent fabric with new colours available in March. Sign up to our newsletter to make sure you are the first to know when they appear!

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Bonne nuit!


Cucumber are offering  a special 10% discount off your first order (valid until 25th February, 2018). Just use this code when you check out: KISS10