Like many of you, we've got love on our mind this February. Not just the romantic kind (though we are all for that too), but also the caring sharing kind. We're thinking about taking a little time to care for yourself, for those around you and for the planet. Here are three ways that can help you do just that.



For yourself

From the moment we wake on a morning, many of us spend time haring around busily from task to task. That often involves doing things for others and putting their needs first. As a consequence it's easy to forget about the things that we need to weave in to our lives to stay mentally & physically well. If that sounds familiar then here's our plea - reclaim the last 20 minutes of every day to do things just for you. Use that time to prioritise the little things that can make a big difference to a good night's sleep. We believe that sleeping well is the ultimate act of self-care. So whether its reading a chapter of a book, putting on your favourite tunes or having a relaxing pamper session - claim back the night and make the last part of the day all yours. You deserve it, you lovely thing.


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For others

Know someone who needs a little support right now? Write them a letter, send them something that will make them laugh, cook them a meal and take it round, offer to walk the dog or take the kids for an hour. It's often the small gestures that mean the most. That's what we mean when we say share the love.



For the planet

Some brands leave a messier eco footprint behind than others. Whether its about reducing costs or extending shelf life, producers often make decisions around packing and ingredients that are about maximum profit rather than what's best for our our body or our environment. Speaking as a brand that works hard to keep what we do natural, cruelty free and as eco friendly as we can manage, we can tell you that your support for these efforts is massively appreciated. It's often the smaller brands that lead the way on this so if you can, shop small, be conscious, and live clean. The planet will thank you for it (and so will we).