HELLO 2021

HELLO 2021

Let's start the new year as we mean to go on by looking after ourselves and each other. 

Taking regular me-time, at least a couple of nights a week, is going to be part of our mantra this year. We think this is a really important time of the day to claim back. Even a fifteen minute wind down can act like a pressure valve, helping you make sense of the day and quiet your mind before bed.  

For some this 'de-pressure zone' time might be a chance to read a book or listen to music or chat to a friend. For us we're heading straight to the only room in the house with a lock on the door - the bathroom.  Hang your 'do not disturb' sign on the door and run yourself a deep warm bath.  Add music and soft lighten as needed and of course a generous helping of your favourite sleep-inducing bath oil.  A bit of pamper time is always good for the soul.  The soothing effect of a soak in warm water bath helps to relax muscles and the slight fall in temperature as you step out nudges your body in to sleep mode, so helps you to feel sleepy.

However you choose to spend your me-time - make sure you put time aside at the end of the day to slow down and prepare for sleep. It's the single biggest thing you can do to help yourself sleep better.  And who doesn't want that?

take a bath