Holidays are for relaxing and catching on your sleep. Here are five travel hacks to help make sure your hotel room lets you do just that

Block out the light

Darkness is a key signal that it’s time to sleep blocking out any chinks of light can help ensure a better nights rest. Carry a bulldog clip in your suitcase to cope with gaps in curtains and a few post it’s to cover over any annoying lights on electrical devices that can’t be switched off

Manage Noise Levels 

Hotels often charge more for rooms on higher floors because they are quieter. If you’re in a busy area it might be a good investment. Don’t accept rooms near the lights unless you want to hear the them whirring all night. Have some ear plugs in your hand luggage just in case

in flight

Temperature Control

The science says the 19 degrees is just about the perfect temperature to sleep in. Sleepwear made from natural fibres such as bamboo, linen or cotton is breathable so will keep you cooler. Plus pack a comfy cardigan or jumper to throw on as an extra layer if needs be. Choose fresh air over air on if you can - your skin will thank you in the morning

Max out on Comfort

A decent pillow is a must have unless you want a restless night. If your pillows are past it as the hotel to change them. If that fails, tightly roll up a towel and use that as a head rest instead. Try and get room with a floor space big enough to do some floor stretches in. A little light DIY yoga at the end of start of every day help your body release tension and eases tired limbs



Carry your own Calm

Wherever you go carry with you the things you know help you feel tranquil when you need to dial down the day and dial up the calm. Our clever little Sleep Balms are easy waste to tap on to the power of aromatherapy (just apply to wrists and temples whenever you need it and take three lovely long breaths). Take time to soak in a bath before bed, listen to some relaxing music or a couple of chapters of an audio book. Whatever it takes to help you wind down and slip in to sleep mode is well worth adding to your packing list

calm balm and space mask