Sunshiny days are almost here. So it's time to make sure your skin is ready to show. After months of being hidden under jeans and a jumper, it's finally time to dig out your shorts, get out in to the fresh air and frolic. Here are four ideas for things to weave in to your weekly routine to get your skin ready to bare

1. In shower buffing

Our skin is amazing. We put it through all kinds for tortures daily and all it asks is three little things - to be cleansed, exfoliated and moisturised on a regular basis.  When it comes to our body the middle bit often gets missed out.  We get it - life's too short to exfoliate your elbows.  However buffing a couple of times a week with a gentle exfoliator helps to remove dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface and allow the new, softer skin to thrive. Our tip is to invest in a sisal mitt and make a brush down every day or two part of you morning in-shower routine. They're not very glamorous we'll admit, but your skin will be once they have worked their magic. Don't forget the knobbly bits such as your heels, knees and yes, your elbows - they have fewer oil glands and thicker skin to cope with all the bending so need a bit more tlc

body brushing


2. While you're waiting workouts Are you wishing you had time to do the toning up exercises you've read about in all the magazines? Us too.  Truth is real life often takes over for all those good intentions.  If you're not the yoga goddess of your dreams then try some toning exercises you can do while you're doing the washing up or waiting for the bus. Checkout this one from fitwatch.com: The Vacuum - While standing or sitting up straight, gently draw your navel in towards your spine, as if you want to make your belly button and spine touch. It’s extremely important that you keep breathing normally while you do this. People tend to “suck in their gut” and hold their breath when doing this exercise. Don’t hold your breath. Or have a look here on violetsageblog.com for more suggestions for more exercises you can fit in to everyday life

 summer ready skin, everyday exercises  

3. Sunshine in a bottle

Sunbathing is over-rated - bad for the skin and all that hanging around.  But no-one wants to be the one with glow-in-the-dark white winter skin when the tights get packed away for the winter.  What to do? Well cheat of course. Here's our three favourite ways to bronze without baking (and you'll thank us for buying that sisal mitt before you apply).

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4. One dip moisturisation

Sunshine and exposure to the air can dry out the skin leaving it prone to flaking and making it uncomfortable.  To keep it smooth and lovely you need to moisturise daily.  We never seem to have time to lather on body moisturiser after the shower somehow - we know we should, but we're too busy trying to get on with the day to wait for it to sink in. Our solution is to invest time in the evening on a lovely soak in the tub with a good quality bath oil.  We love the fact that while you are laying back and relaxing before bed, your skin is getting a deeply nourishing treat. Even better, when you step out of the tub you're ready moisturised from top to toe. Try our Night-time Bath Oils in LOVE, GLOW and DREAM - they contain fast absorbing coconut oil with a shot of jojoba oil added for its ability to mimic the skin's sebum. Together they ensure your skin is moisturised both on the surface layer which needs protecting and deep down where your new skin cells are developing.

Kiss the Moon GLOW After Dark Bath Oil


Enjoy the sunshine. xx