Feeling anxious about something is a natural response to the unknown. But when anxieties persist they can interrupt our daily life and our sleep patterns

While we all recognise the issue, it’s sometimes tricky to know where to start to try and put our minds at rest over something that is causing us to worry. We love this practical four step guide from verywell.com that is simple and (we’ve found) pretty effective. See what you think. Click here to read the verywell.com article  

Three more things that can help you chase worries away at bedtime:

Talk it out - A problem shared and all that. A chat over the phone to someone with a bit of distance to the issue can often help bring a bit of perspective to things. If it's the middle of the night we know that's trickier but you can always write a letter or an email and tell your story that way. Though you can't hear their response writing down your thoughts can be a way of getting the issue straight in your mind


Chase worries away - sleep tips by Kiss the Moon


Get engrossed - Rather than lying in bed worrying, distract your mind by doing something engrossing that helps you tune out of the thing that is making you anxious. An engrossing podcast works wonders (and get extra points in that you can listen to them in bed and in the dark). Or get up and do something absorbing such as a jigsaw or classic bit of art therapy colouring in



Sense of smell - Some aromas have the power to create a sense of optimism and bring peace of mind when your world feels a bit wobbly. We turn to our GLOW blend when we need a bit of cheering up and to help us dial up our ability to think positive. Try a candlelit bath with our GLOW Night-time Bath & Shower Oil and Aromatherapy Soy Candle, maybe a bit of relaxing music in the background. Then straight in to your comfiest pjs and head to bed


GLOW Aromatherapy Soy Candle by Kiss the Moon