Better sleep is at the centre of our world here at Kiss the Moon 


Why are we so obsessed with sleep?

Even one night of disrupted sleep is enough to impact on how you feel and look. Poor sleep disrupts our cells nightly repair process so our skin becomes dull and out of kilter. Messed up sleep also impacts our mental health and hormonal balance, so we struggle to concentrate, manage our appetite and be tolerant with others. Lack of sleep has also been shown to have a hugely negative impact on our physical health – raising risk of heart disease and mental illnesses. More evidence emerges every week about the fact sleep is the third pillar of healthy lifestyle, as important as diet and exercise


So what can you do about it?

Our biggest single sleep tip to help you get your sleep back on track is to claim back the last 20 minutes of every day and do something that helps you to unwind and feel good about yourself at bedtime. Whether that’s listening to music, soaking in the bath, doing some stretches or reading a book – whatever helps you tune out from the day and tune in to a slower, more relaxed mind-space. Weaving aromatherapy into that experience is a powerful thing to do because the bit of our brain that controls sleep also controls smell. Essential oils are a shortcut way to relax and calm the mind so when you do turn out the light, sleep comes easier


Why Kiss the Moon over other sleep products?

We are The Beauty Sleep Experts dedicated to your better night sleep. We don't make day creams or deodorants or wake-up shower gels, we are obsessed with that last 20 minutes of your day and everything we make is designed our your end of day bedtime routine. This includes Night-time Skincare, Bath & Body products and Home Fragrance and of course the ultimate way to support your family and friends : the Gift of Sleep with our wellness sets and collections We have 4 beautiful blends that tap into the wealth nature has to share around sleep and different sleep solutions. Check them out and find the perfect blend for you here At Kiss the Moon we’re 100% natural & care deeply about the quality of everything we make. We use the best natural ingredients we can lay our hands on - no parabens, no harsh chemicals, no artificial perfumes, no compromise. Everything in the range is also cruelty free (we’re big animal lovers) and suitable for vegans 8">Not only do we want it to help you sleep beautifully but it’s important to us that it looks and smells just as beautiful and is kind to the planet as well as to the skin. So relax, we are here for you, sleep beautifully