Struggling to sleep? You are not alone. If you've set a better night's sleep as one of your goals for the year here is a reminder of our top 5 things to get your sleep back on track

#1 - Keep to a Routine

We know that time has taken on a whole new dimension and our regular daily routines have been thrown out of the window. But going to sleep and waking up at the same time improves the quality of rest your chances of a good nights shut eye

Because we sleep in cycles it is good to think about sleep in 90 minute chunks. Pick a time that you want to wake up, work back the number of hours you need to sleep (for most of us that is 7-8 hrs a night) and set yourself a bedtime from there. After all it might be the only thing in your diary, but at least it is an important one


#2 - Exercise by day

Our bodies are designed to move by day so they can sleep by night. Whilst our normal exercise routine might need a bit of adjustment, if you can get outside for your daily exercise in the fresh air then make that a priority. Exercises outside helps you get a dose of daylight which helps set your body clock to the right time zone. If you are self isolating, there are lots of other ways to move. From dance classes with the Strictly crew to morning workouts with Joe Wicks. Exercise in a big bright room with lots of natural daylight and open the window for some fresh air. The more we move, the better we sleep. Fact

bedtime ritual

#3 - Create a Ritual

In the run up to bedtime it is you chance to change the pace. The biggest single tip we give to those struggling to sleep is to create a little evening ritual that helps you wind down and drift off to sleep feeling calm and contented. 
Even a fifteen minute wind down at night can act like a pressure valve, helping you make sense of the day and quieten your mind before bed 

Our first choice would be to head straight to the only room in the house with a lock on the door - the bathroom. Run yourself a deep warm bath then add music, soft lighting and a generous helping of your favourite relaxing bath oil. The soothing effect of a soak in scented, warm water helps to relax muscles and the slight fall in temperature as you step out nudges your body in to sleep mode

jigsaw puzzle 

#4 - Still Struggling?

The worst thing you can do when you need to get to sleep but can’t is to lie in bed worrying about it. Experts recommend trying to switch your brain in to something mundane - so something like counting sheep, or playing a simple word game is perfect.  If that doesn’t work - get up, leave your bedroom and do something else to distract yourself. Don’t rely on a computer or smartphone screen though, or the blue light it emits will tell your brain it’s time to wake up. Better to do something simple but absorbing - like a jigsaw puzzle


#5 - Beautiful Boudoir

Ready for a Spring Clean? If you are anything like us you will be brimming with plans for a bedroom revamp - it could be just the thing to help you spend more time in your sleep zone. Make sure you bedroom delivers the level of comfort you need to not just feel comfortable, but also happy in that space. Check out our tips for creating the perfect boudoir here