Have you discovered our 100% natural pulse point balms, made from a blend of sleep-inducing essential oils and nourishing shea butter?

They make the perfect travel companion or bedside table saviour for nights when you need a bit of extra help to fall soundly asleep. Simply massage in to your pulse points as required before bed or to help you drift back to sleep if you wake through the night.

Want to know a little more? Here are the most frequently asked questions about our award-winning Sleep Balms

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What are the ingredients in the Sleep Balms?

Our Sleep Balms are made by our high quality signature blends (currently in DREAM & CALM) hand mixed with pure Shea Butter and White Tea Seed Oil. They are 100% natural and contain no added preservatives, perfumes or colourants


Why have you used Shea Butter in your Sleep Balms?

Shea Butter is one of the most nourishing natural ingredients that exists. It’s beautifully healing and we love the way it melts on contact with skin, releasing the essential oils we’ve added.  It is colourless and almost odourless so the perfect base that lets our sleep-inducing essential oils shine through

Where should I store my Sleep Balm?

All our products are best kept in a dark cool space.  Shea Butter is a natural substance so will melt if it gets too warm. Avoid sunny window ledges and radiators.  Don’t worry if it does melt, it will solidify again on cooling without impacting the effectiveness of the product

My Sleep Balm has gone a little grainy – what should I do?

Don’t worry it’s fine – the slight granulation you might see if a result of the product being 100% natural.  We’ve used pure shea butter as the base because it is beautifully nourishing and the perfect carrier for our essential oils.  However because it is natural it can be sensitive to temperature. If it gets to warm it may granulate slightly but this doesn’t impact on the effectiveness of the product.  I will still melt on contact with the skin and the sleep-inducing essential oils will be unaffected.  However if you do want to make it smooth again. Just place a well closed jar in a bowl of hot water – to melt it slightly and them pop it in the fridge to cool. It should emerge smooth and silky again. Best to store your balm in a cool place to avoid temperature fluctuations if possible.  Of course, if you are still worried about your product please do contact us to let us know so we can sort this out for you

I’m vegan – are there any animal products used in the Sleep Balms?

No.  All are products are plant based.  The main ingredient in out balms is Shea Butter which is made from the nut of the Shea tree – a tree native to Africa.  All Kiss the Moon products are made without testing on animals and we have been awarded Leaping Bunny symbol to indicate we are against animal cruelty

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