Late nights, jetlag, or shift work disrupting your precious zzz’s? Modern life can sometimes mean that setting a regular schedule for sleep is sometimes hard to do. Resetting your sleep patterns may be the best way to reclaim some restorative slumber and ensure the sleep you do get is top notch

Try these tips to manage your body's internal sleep clock and cope with the ever-changing patterns of your life right now.

Look to the light – We know going to sleep and waking up at the same time improves the quality of rest and your chances of a getting a good night's shut eye so it is important to block out unwanted noise and light that might disturb you. Pull down the blinds and put on a gorgeously soft eye-mask. Focus on your circadian rhythm in the day, especially when your social jetlag has gotten you out of synch, make sure to get out and about in daylight by 10am local time to get those internal clocks reset.

Have a bedtime ritual – scented bath, low lights, book before bed, gentle music – these are all the tricks’ parents use to get babies off to bed but they work for grown ups too. Having a routine and a regular bedtime can make all the difference helping to reset circadian rhythms

Bedside Balms – Pulse Point balms are a great tool for nights when you need a helping hand to get the sleep you need. Small and handy enough to be taken anywhere, whether you are travelling or staying at a friends. Choose from CALM to quieten overactive minds or DREAM to help light sleepers fall in to a deeper, more restful night’s sleep. Keep by your bedside, apply and take three deep breaths and then settle back to get some shut-eye

Move and stretch - Our bodies are designed to move by day so they can sleep by night. Exercising outside also helps you get a dose of daylight which helps set your body clock to the right time zone. The more we move, the better we sleep. Fact

Manage what you eat (& drink) - If you love a cuppa, make sure to enjoy it before a 3pm cut off – after this time the caffeine can be a serious sleep disruptor – and that includes those espresso martinis. Although alcohol does help you get to sleep it’ll have you up in the wee hours as the effect wears off. In fact, it’s a good idea to side-step all stimulants if you are having trouble sleeping – including chocolate. Why not try some natural melatonin snacks before bedtime instead: cherries, bananas, oats, almonds will all help not hinder your sleep.