Finding it tough to sleep through the night? You’re not alone. Restlessness that results in a wakeful night spent tossing and turning can be truly exhausting and lead to a feeling of being constantly tired. Half the battle is identifying the cause of the disruption. Sometimes that’s easy to do (aches & pains or overheating are two common ones). But for some light sleepers a little more detective work is required.

Try these tips to help manage restlessness and achieve a deeper more restorative night’s sleep…

Manage what you eat (& drink) - If you love a cuppa, make sure to enjoy it before a 3pm cut off – after this time the caffeine can be a serious sleep disruptor – and that includes those espresso martinis. Although alcohol does help you get to sleep it’ll have you up in the wee hours as the effect wears off. In fact, it’s a good idea to side-step all stimulants if you are having trouble sleeping – including chocolate. Why not try some natural melatonin snacks before bedtime instead: cherries, bananas, oats, almonds will all help not hinder your sleep.

Keep your cool – Overheating in the night? Switch to natural fibres like cotton and bamboo allow skin the breath and are better at wicking away unwanted sweat. Keep a window open or a fan to hand for when the temperature soars.

Magnesium magic – Magnesium is sometimes known as the sleepy mineral for its role in helping balance the sleep hormones that our body naturally produces to help us achieve the rest it needs. On top of that a soak in a warm magnesium salts bath can help ease aching muscles and stiff joints. Find the perfect dose in our Bedtime Bath Salts

Have a 2am plan – Aromatherapy, breathing exercises (with the light out). Of all else fails after 30mins get up and do something to distract your brain (a Jigsaw puzzles work wonders). Try applying our Sleep Balm on your pulse points for an extra dose to help get you back to sleep

Move and stretch - gentle daily exercise keeps our body moving and helps manage aches and pains. Plus our body sleep better when it’s tired. Even ten minutes of gentle stretching as part of your nightly wind down routine is a good way to ease achy muscles and get rid of tension in the body before you head to bed. Check out these moves