The more content we feel, the easier it is to get a good night's sleep. See how your bedroom scores on our Bedroom from Heaven checklist


Cool - 19 celsius is perfect - too hot or too cold and our body won't relax in to a restful sleep as well as it could

cool room 

Dark - light sends a signal to the body about whether to wake up or fall in to slumber. So keep your room restfully dark

 dark room

Calm (colour) - colour can change our emotions. Deliciously deep darks and peaceful blues are always good bets for a bedroom

 farrow and ball paint

Quiet - sudden unexpected noises put us on edge as they deliver a shot of adrenaline in to our system. Low hum of 'white noise) however can be soothing (think the regular hum of an aeroplane engine)

 quiet do not disturb

Comfy (pillows etc) - change your mattress every 7 or so years and dump pillows that no longer support your head. Aches and pains get in the way of a good night's sleep so invest in home comforts.

 comfy pillows

Tidy (declutter & bedside essentials) - a space that makes your feel good and has things that are both useful and beautiful helps you go to bed feeling calm and collected. Our bedside essentials - a notepad and pen to jot down thoughts, a good reading light and of course our Night Cream for Hands and favourite Sleep Balm within reaching distance...

calm balm on the bedside